Retronyms Labs combines design, engineering, and strategy to bring integrated-technology experiences to life.

Your business is more than an app. It connects people to real experiences, enables meaningful communication, and engagement with the real world. We work across the stack of hardware, software, and cloud.


User Research

Observational studies, qualitative interviews, mental models, persona development. Research lets us make informed decisions in the design process


We create high fidelity wireframes and early interactive prototypes in close collaboration with stakeholders.

Visual Design

User interface, branding, look and feel. Make that all important first impression and continually delight users with polished interface.


Software Engineering

Years of experience with C++, Objective C, Python, Django, Java, you name it. Our team includes experts in iOS, Android, Desktop and full web stack.

Hardware Engineering

We’re experts in integrated, software-enhanced electronics. Our experienced team is ready to build your next Bluetooth Smart or IOT project.

Machine Learning

We build Machine Learning tools and develop ML models to solve problems for a variety of applications. Uncanny automation is here with Neural Networks.


Quality Assurance

Dedicated QA team create test plans, automated test scripts, and on-site facilitated user testing. We’ll help you design and run your beta program, recruit testers, and iterate.

Cloud Experts

Building on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure is our bread and butter. Whether it’s mobile, web, or connected hardware, we can help get your product on the cloud.


Ethereum has introduced a new paradigm in distributed computing. We're building on top of this new generation of Web 3 protocols. Distributed Apps (dApps), Solidity, ERC20 and more.

Recent Work: is an exchange for podcasters and sponsors. It’s an open marketplace for podcast sponsorhip, matching sponsors to show hosts with CPM-style bidding.

Recent Work: is part of a new wave of distributed applications build on the Ethereum blockchain. We’re creating a fully decentralized exchange for Ethereum tokens, adding instant liquidity and utility to ICO participants.

Recent Work:

Wheelwell is the ultimate destination for auto enthusiasts. Retronyms helped bring the experience to iOS with Wheelwell Garage. This mobile app includes features that automatically identify cars from user photos using machine learning.

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