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Reddit Public Access Network

Community Based Mass Media.

When Reddit decided to enter into the field of platforms that provide live streaming video, it was important to not lose sight of what makes Reddit great. The result is RPAN — the Reddit Public Access Network. It is void of influencers, clout chasers, and internet celebrities; no fancy equipment or high end production teams; just everyday people using their cellphones to momentarily share their pets, music, arts, crafts, video games, etc. with the community.

This unique take on live streaming features Reddit staples like upvotes and — more importantly — downvotes. RPAN adds live chat and a unique “randomized + swipe right” user experience. During it’s initial public test rollout, hundreds of thousands of users tuned in to watch thousands of hours of live video that showcased the Reddit communities creativity and inventiveness. RPAN’s test phase ended on Augest 23, and the community eagerly waiting to see what cames next... Read more at Wired.

Building a Live Video Platform

Retronyms Labs worked in close collaboration with the Reddit development team. We helped with product development, backend infrastucture, streaming tech, digital signal processing, streaming transcoder, live chat, and server optimization and deployment.


What started out as a merely as a test run at the end of summer 2019, has now become a permanent part of Reddit and its community. Today RPAN continues to grow and reach an audience world wide, and new features being added. Checkout Reddit’s Public Access Network.